Do you want the best price possible the moment you shake hands with the salesperson?

Does spending an entire day haggling with a car salesperson seem like a miserable idea?

If you've answered yes, you're in the right place! I'm an auto insider who's taken decades of experience and knowledge and I'm giving it ALL away to you... now!

Let me save you time & money.

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We respect your privacy. We will not spam you.

Don't Believe Me... Believe Them

"I Can't believe you're giving this information to the public. When I made my recent car deal using your car tactics the car salesperson got so frustrated. When we finally agreed on a price $3,512 below invoice, he said I must be a former car salesman!"


Signal Mountain, TN

You Leveled the playing field!

This car buying guide levels the playing field for the car shopper. I've been burned in the past by tricky financing that cost me thousands, but no more! This Guide is invaluable!


Rye, NY

A Game Plan for the Purchase of a Vehicle! Knowledge is powers, especially when it's in-depth.

If you're looking for a car buying game plan, this is what you're looking for!


Concord, NH

Here's What I'm Giving You

In my free new car buying guide you will discover how to simplify the new car buying process.

And, not only do I make it simple, I show you how effortless it is to get the best price possible for your next new car... enjoy that new car smell!

  • Discover what’s worse than overpaying for a new car.
  • Learn where a car salesperson can be helpful and how they can siphon money out of your pocket.
  • Never again fall victim to giving the wrong answer to the question, “ do you want to lease it or buy it?”
  • 97% of people have no idea what’s a ‘good price’ for a new car, join the 3%.
  • Avoid the vast black holes on the internet, sites that want you to think they’re interested in helping you… when they’re really working for the car dealerships.
  • Knowledge is king… discover the information needed to make a car salesperson turn to putty in your hands.
  • Learn what a car dealership’s true purpose is and how to use that to your advantage.
  • There are lots of dealerships; let me show you how to spot a good dealer… and the ones you want to avoid.
  • Timing’s everything, and I share with you when it’s time to go car shopping, and here’s a hint, it’s not the last day of the month!
  • Dealers spend millions on ads, I pull back the curtain and share the dirty little secrets they don’t want you to know.
  • Discover how you can still lose thousands when you’re getting a great deal on the car.

Did you know, The Average New Car Sales Generates More Than $4,000.00 of Profit for the Dealership?

Oh, and that $4,000 of profit, I didn't come up with that number... Edmunds did!

Please, Don't be This Person...

  • Someone who thinks the dealership lost money selling them their car; I've seen the showroom crack-up laughing at these folks.
  • Anyone who would walk into a car dealership and ask the salesperson, "will you take X for the car?" Every new car has a value in your market; learn the value, then talk about the price, NEVER just spitball a number.
  • A car shopper who asks their friends for a salesperson referral. Salespeople are not doctors who stop illness; car salespeople extract money from the unsuspecting. The customer/salesperson relationship has an adversarial element… deal with it!
  • A potential customer who's done their research by visiting websites that spend millions advertising on television. Guess where those websites get the money to run all of those commercials… from car dealerships… so who's side do you think they're on?
  • Who sees a car commercial for a beautiful, loaded new car you can lease for only $199 per month and say, "wow, that's a great price!"
  • Anyone who falls in love with a car. Please don't talk about a dream car... at least until you've completed the purchase.
  • Someone who doesn't understand the difference between something that comes with the car and something the dealership wants you to purchase.
  • Who doesn't understand that except for the actual car, everything a dealership sells or offers is available somewhere else too!
  • Thinks the MSRP is a price; it once was, now… not so much.
  • Walks into a car dealership thinking paying cash for the car will help you get a better price.
  • Who really thinks the price they're offering is only good today.
  • Someone's not willing to walk away from a dealership or a specific car.

I'm a Real Auto Insider... Let Me Help You Save Money

For decades I've worked in the auto industry helping car dealers increase sales and maximize their profits. I've seen the auto industry and car dealers from a perspective very few people ever get to experience.

Over the years, I've come to learn that the majority of the time, the people who think they've got 'one over on the dealership' are the people who actually overpaid the most.

You see, car salespeople rely on confident car shoppers to pay their mortgages.

Getting a great price on a new car is so much less about negotiating and so much more about knowledge. In my free book, I share the information you need and exactly where to find it!

Let me make buying a new car painless and simple... it doesn't have to be a miserable process! Grab your free copy now.

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